Sizing guide

Sizing guide

Most women can wear size S or M. We usually recommend for women who have given birth vaginally to choose size M but you would need to take into account your flow. Some teenage girls will choose size M because they have a heavy flow while mothers who have had several children will be very happy with size M.

We advise you to choose your menstrual cup according to the following :


Louloucup Small is ideal for people with a Normal flow.
Louloucup Medium  is suited for people with a Heavy Flow.


Each user's cervix is positioned differently during her period. For some, the cervix descends low into the vaginal canal while for others it sits high. If your cervix is positioned at a low to medium height in your vagina, Louloucup Small will work great for you. If your cervix is at a medium to high location, you can choose either size


How your cup  fits inside you will be unique to your body. Your own individual shape, pelvic muscle strength, and vaginal condition can determine which cup works better for you. Active users, whose pelvic floor muscles are strong, are better suited for Louloucup smalll while people whose pelvic floor muscles are not as strong might benefit from Louloucup Medium.

Dimensions of our menstrual cup:



Louloucup SMALL


Louloucup MEDIUM


Diameter 42mm 46mm
Lenght 45mm 50mm
25mm 20mm
Volume 25ml  30ml


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