User guide


How do I insert my Louloucup menstrual cup ?

  1. STERILIZE Boil your cup before the first use and between each cycle during 5 to 7 minutes
  2. WASH Use warm water and mild soap to wash your hands and your menstrual cup
  3. FOLD your menstrual cup according to your favorite folding method
  4. INSERT Guide your cup into your vagina while you stand or squat. Keep your cup folded until it is entirely inside of your vagina
  5. RELEASE Gently release your menstrual cup. It will pop open and seal to your vaginal walls
  6. CHECK the positioning of your menstrual cup. Run a finger at the base of your menstrual cup to make sure that it is open completely

How do I remove my Louloucup menstrual Cup ?

  1. WASH your hands
  2. LOCATE Insert your fingers into your vagina to locate the base of your menstrual cup. 
  3. If your menstrual cup is high and you cannot reach it, gently pull the stem until you feel the base of the cup 
  4. PINCH the base of the menstrual cup to release the sealing suction
  5. REMOVE Guide slowly your menstrual cup out of your vagina. Keep it upright in order to avoid spills. Never remove your menstrual cup by pulling only the stem.
  6. EMPTY your menstrual cup. 
  7. Use warm water and mild soap to wash your cup
  8. RE-INSERT YOUR CUP OR STORE IT in its cotton pouch until your next cycle 

General instructions

  • Wash your hands before handling your menstrual cup
  • Empty your menstrual cup at least twice a day
  • Check that the four holes of the menstrual cup are clean
  • To avoid stains on your menstrual cup, rinse your cup with cold water
  • You do not need to remove your menstrual cup when going to the toilet
  • You must remove your menstrual cup before having sex
  • Louloucup is not a contraceptive and does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Do not use your Louloucup to collect post-natal bleeding
  • Do not let the blood overflow from your menstrual cup
  • If you have gynecological problems consult your gynecologist before using your menstrual cup

Stem and position of the cup

Louloucup will position itself differently according to the morphology of each woman.

For some, it will remain in the lower position, at the entrance of the vagina or for others, it can go higher, both positions are normal.

Higher cup position

Lower cup position

If the stem is bothering you, you can trim the stem. Always remove your menstrual cup before trimming the stem.